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When squirrels, raccoons, opossums and other wildlife move in, call The Tursi Group for prompt, humane and safe removal.  THE TURSI GROUP DOES NOT KILL WILDLIFE. Your trained technician will install the appropriate Have-A-Heart humane trap(s) baited with appropriate food material and inspect daily until the animal(s) is safely captured.  We then release the animal in an appropriate park setting.  Your technician will also identify the point where the animal(s) gain access to your home and repair the damage when possible.



IMPORTANT:  If you see raccoons, opossums or skunks active in your yard during the day, immediately call your township’s Animal Control Service since these animals are typically nocturnal (active only at night) and their presence during the day may indicate a Rabies-Infected Animal.  Keep family and pets indoors until the animal can be removed!

The Tursi Group offers an effective non-toxic liquid application service that safely repels geese.  The application provides a barrier that only the geese can see (a UV product).  Geese will attempt to eat the grass where the liquid has been applied, it immediately makes the geese nauseous and then they identify what they are seeing with an upset stomach.

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There was a time when Canada Geese were a migratory species that flew through on their way to and from Canada to large waterways to our south.  However, many areas now have geese 12 months a year.  Resident Canada Geese feces pollutes waterways, creates slippery walking surfaces and transmits diseases harmful to humans.

Call for pricing and additional information on reclaiming your turf areas from Canada Geese and their droppings that contaminate turf areas, pavement, ponds and waterways.

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Repen Canada Geese