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The Tursi Group’s pest control division, Tursi’s Pest Control Co., provides prompt, licensed, certified and insured pest control using the newest, highest quality products in a judicious and responsible manner.  You no longer need a technician coming into your home and spraying pesticides along every baseboard, and yet some companies still do just that!  We prefer to minimize usage of control products, maximize prevention and education, and avoid re-infestation.  Contact us to schedule an appointment!

Don’t see your specific pest issue listed above?  Call or use our Contact Page for an evaluation and options! We have a quarter-century’s experience in solving even your most challenging insect, rodent, wildlife, termite and mosquito/tick problems.

The old saying goes, Prevention is the Best Medicine!  But sometimes, and despite your best efforts, insects, rodents and wildlife gain entry to your home or business and set up housekeeping.  Yuck.  

The Tursi Group

P.O. Box 314

West Berlin, NJ 08091


Exterior Barrier Pest Control

No initial Inspection or Treatment Required

2 Spring Applications

1 Summer Application

1 Fall Application


Interior/Exterior Pest Control

Initial Inspection & Treatment Needed

Initial Inspection & Treatment Needed

Initial Inspection & Treatment Needed

Four Barrier Apps

Unlimited Free Service

Calls for Insecr and/or Rodent Activity Inside your home


after initial inspection

& treatment at 134.95**

Five Visits Annually to Install , Inspect and rebait Child/Pet Proof bait stations and to bait Rodent burrows

$39.95/Application after

initial inspection & treatment at $104.95





Five Visits Anually to entire Lawn/Landscape to install & inspect bait in Tunnels/Burrows

$64.95/Application after initial inspections & treatment of $154.95

Initial Instilation of HALO  Stations

Five Visits Annually to Electronically/Visually inspect Monitoring Stations for the

Presence of Termites

$30 /Visit sfter installing HALO system at $230


HALO Termite Monitoring

Exterior Ant


Initial Treatment Needed

Three to Five Visits Annually to Apply Liquid and Granular Ant Bait to Turf and/or Landscape

Based on square footage of service area.

Tursi's Pest Control, Inc. offers programs to meet all your general pest control needs :

**Discounted pricing for Adult Communities

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