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A thick, green lawn cools the air around

your home and produces annually

enough oxygen for a family of four...

What The Heck is Wrong With My Lawn?!

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Highest Quality Products and Quality-Minded Services

Don’t take chances with cut-rate “un” companies that are unlicensed, uninsured and undependable.  The Tursi Group has a quarter-century’s experience in lawn care applicating and assures quality-minded homeowners that the best available products, fully insured and individually licensed employees and realistic advice are delivered at each and every visit.  Unlike many full-service companies, and especially mowing companies, we deliver free timely, prompt and expert service calls to diagnose and resolve the challenges that affect today’s lawns during climate change.


All Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control and Grub/Insect Control products are granular.  

Weed control to individual plants is a liquid applied directly to the plant. Services Calls

are included at no additional charge.


The Standard Application Schedule includes:


1)  1st Spring Slow-Release Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control

2)  2nd Spring Slow-Release Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control & Weed Control

3)  Summer Slow-Release Fertilizer, Weed Control

4)  Grub & Surface Insect Control (delivered with Summer Fertilizer)

5)  Late Summer Slow-Release Fertilizer & Weed Control

6)  Fall Fertilization

7)  Calcitic Lime

8)  Mid-Winter Granular Fertilization (for earlier Spring green-up)


Other program options are available to meet most budgets , with a minimum of four applications per year.


Other beneficial services include:


Disease (fungus) Control

Tick/Mosquito/Flea Control for yards

Core Aeration (a cool season service)

Double Core Aeration & Overseeding (early September through late October, weather permitting)


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The Tursi Group

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