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Wood destroying insects such as termites and carpenter ants are common structural pests in Southern New Jersey. In nature and away from structures, these insects are environmentally beneficial as they break down dead and dying wood and cellulose found in forests.  However, when these insects are present in or near your home, the financial costs of extermination and repair can be significant.

Termites live in nests away from your home in an underground location and tunnel to your home.


Termites require a humid environment and so construct mud tubes and subterranean tunnels to connect their nesting and feeding locations.  If a termite chews through drywall or wood, it will plug the hole!


Termites will eat any cellulose including wood, books and clothing.


Termites have only two body sections; most other insects, including ants, have three sections.

Termite Facts


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Carpenter ants excavate chambers and galleries in wood for nesting purposes.  


Carpenter ants prefer moist conditions and will usually be found in damp wood where a roof leak or other water seeps into the home or where poor drainage puddles water against a home. Carpenter ants are more active at night.


Carpenter ants are omnivores but cannot digest the wood they excavate for their nest.


Carpenter ants have three body sections and can be all black, red/black or mostly red, with strong jaws.

Carpenter Ant Facts

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Termite Damage With Mud tubes

Carpenter Ant Excavation Damage

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